is where I - a long-time London dweller, lover, walker and guide book author - show you my London on exclusive, private tours. Think of it as a "walk with a friend" - through streets and neighbourhoods, parks and along the river, past small shops and galleries. My highly customised London tours in English and German for small private groups of up to four are designed to show you London, the mad, diverse and every changing city on the Thames, as opposed to London, the Disneyland of Buckingham Palace, Changing of the Guards, Westminster Abbey or, god forbid, Madam Tussauds.

By all means, get on a hop-on/hop-off bus to see all of these typical tourist sights for a first overview. However, if you want to dig bit deeper and just see the city alongside a local, then walk with me. No stress, no fuss, no getting lost, just a bit of flexibility is needed to see the real London. And: Your input while out and about is very much encouraged! Every tour can be adapted on the go.

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The Details:

  • There are three BESPOKE LONDON tour options:

  1. Choose from one of three neighbourhood tours here. They are, like all of my tours, off the beaten track and constantly updated and adopted. Best: if you already know all the typical sights and would like to explore further to see how London lives and breathes in different parts of the city.

  2. Let me know your interests and I'll design a tour just for you: arts & culture, lifestyle, shopping, parks & gardens, food, architecture - you name it. This involves a certain amount of input from you and preparation on my part. Just send me an enquiry at least one week before your preferred tour date and we'll take it from there. Best: if you have very specific interests and would like to know what London has to offer in this respect.

  3. Don't do any of the above; just book a BESPOKE LONDON tour and be surprised on the day. Could be anything and anywhere. Best: if you, well, like a surprise.

Please note, my tours are not regular guided city tours full of historical facts, figures and details. If you want to know when every house we pass buy has been built, this is not for you.

For booking and enquiries, please email

The following applies to all three options:

  • Group size: up to four; bigger groups upon request

  • Length of tour: choose from two options - 1. tour booking for min. of four & max. of five hours or 2. tour booking for min. of six & max. of seven hours

  • I'll pick you up at your hotel or other location of your choice at a time of your choice

  • Transport: walking and it's likely quite a bit of that (only on foot can you really discover London, just saying) plus public transport (tube, bus, overground, DLR). However, it's your tour so whenever you feel like hopping in a cab instead, we'll do that.

  • My private tours are ideal for couples, friends/groups of friends or families, as long as you understand that they are not specifically kids-themed.

  • I’m very happy to create customised tours for corporate programmes or incentives

The Cost:

  1. min. 4 & max. 5 hrs: £255 per group of up to four

  2. min 6 & max. 7 hrs: £355 per group of up to four

  • Tour option 2 - personalised tours:

  1. min. 4 & max. 5 hrs: £410 per group of up to four

  2. min. 6 & max. 7 hrs: £510 per group of up to four

  • Tour option 3 - surprise BESPOKE LONDON tour:

  1. min. 4 & max. 5 hrs: £215 per group of up to four

  2. min. 6 & max. 7 hrs: £315 per group of up to four

Please note: refreshments (food & drink), public transport tickets and taxi cost and any entry tickets, if applicable, are not included in the price.

Optional extras:

  • Customised London travel guide/pdf: a London travel guide just for you, based on your interests and brief

  • Price upon request, please email

Booking & payment:

  • Bookings are confirmed once you return a signed booking form that will be sent to you via email.

  • Payment options:

  1. On the day at the start of the tour: either in cash or by card

  2. Payment upon booking at a 5% discount, all major credit/debit cards and Paypal accepted


  • Should you wish to cancel the tour on the day because of rain or other weather conditions before the start of the tour and no payment has been made yet, no charge applies. Should you wish to stop a tour that has been commenced because of rain or other weather conditions, refunds are based on tour hours spent.

  • Should you have paid your tour in advance (payment option 2) and need to cancel, you can do so up until seven days before the tour date. The full amount will be refunded. Should you cancel after this period, 50% will be refunded.

For booking and enquiries, please email


Disclaimer: Barbara Geier as the provider of BESPOKE LONDON tours, is not liable for any possible injuries or other damages, including theft, sustained while taking part in a BESPOKE LONDON tour. Visitors need to take out their own insurance if needed/wanted.