A different view of London: Give the gift of a London surprise this Christmas  

Who needs more stuff? Treat friends and family to something that creates memories instead: Londoners very often don’t know their city very well. It gets reduced to the areas where you live and work but apart from that – no time, always too much on, difficult to venture beyond the already known.

This is where my “Bespoke London” personalised tours come in: Give the gift of a bespoke London surprise this Christmas with a special experience that takes people out of their everyday life within the city they live and work in. As a long-time London dweller, lover, (hardcore) walker and guide book author, I know the city with all its nooks and crannies and create tours around people’s interests. I do all the work, they just need to come with me on a tour that provides them with a different view of London.

Here’s how it works:

1. Buy a voucher for a “Bespoke London” super personalised tour: £150 for 5 hour-tour

2. Give it to someone who deserves a special experience this Christmas (they can bring a plus one!)

3. Let me design a London tour based on this person’s interests and passions

Get in touch! There’s a friendly person behind this, happy to answer all your questions.

Further details and booking: Barbara, bespokelondon@bconnects.net

For testimonials, see here.