The sweet smell of a new bus

So. First trip on new routemaster after it has been introduced on 11 route. Those buses have a weird smell inside. Actually, they stink. Apart from that, I find there's a curious disconnect between the futuristic, sleek exterior and the rather old-fashioned interior design. Flashback to the 80ies. The pattern of the seat upholstery, the ruby-gold colour scheme. All a bid odd.

It's nice, however, to be able to engage in a bit of hop-on/hop--off again and the guy/conductor guarding the back step (who seemed incredibly bored, nothing to do after all) was very friendly and sent us of into the evening with a jolly greeting when we got off the bus. The bus driver, on the other hand, was a bit exasperated since he didn't succeed in preventing people from boarding the bus through the front door ("Noone using the back, noone using the back! Use the back!").

Conclusion: Might get used to the golden railings but need to sort out the smell.