One good reason to save the earth

Off to the launch of Artisan du Chocolat’s “Once upon a Christmas” collection at their Notting Hill store last night. Bit bizarre given the temperatures outside but delicious all the same. Living in a shop like this would be my dream. And most likely my downfall, too.

The good people of Artisan du Chocolat served cocoa pulp Bellini (very refreshing) and shared their passion for chocolate. I had a nice chat with one of the Artisan du Chocolat founders, Anne Weyns, about their impending launch in Dublin, home of the second founder and chocolatier Gerard Coleman. Anne carries the great title of “Chief Chocolate Adventurer” and Gerard is the “Chief Chocolate Magician”. Can’t decide which one sounds better. Both very good to have on your business card, I think.

I also discovered that the “South Sea and Tahiti Pearls” range, dark and milk ganaches covered with a layer of white chocolate and silver and gold colours, is absolutely exquisite. And at the bottom of the generous goodie bag (thank you!) I found another pearl, one of wisdom that I completely subscribe to. Sitting on my desk now: