London travel guide, round two

Well, I wouldn’t have thought that this letter would reach me so quickly: German publishing house Bruckmann for whom I wrote a London travel guide book that was published in their “Zeit für das Beste” (time for the best) series in April 2013 informed me that they’re planning a second edition to be printed later this year. Hooray, I guess – but, I need to update the whole thing now. Ahhhhh !

I somehow seem to have ended up in a never-ending travel guide book writing cycle since May 2012: Just handed in the manuscript for “London - der perfekte Mädelsurlaub” (London - perfect girls’ trip). No further explanation needed what this one is about. And no, it’s not entirely dedicated to shopping ... but also. Won’t be out before early next year  - and I have learned that book production can be a thing of many delays – but in the meantime, if anyone wants to feed off my new found girlie London expertise (as the least likely girlie girl you can imagine, ha), please feel free to get in touch.